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Has the bag of “stuff” you’ve been carrying around on your shoulders become too heavy to bear?



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Wellness Components

Energy and intuitive healing is a modality that complements all other holistic and traditional methods of healing and treatment to support total wellness; mind, body and soul.
— Renee jensen


My thoughts become triggers and are ruling over my life. How can I focus and organize the chaos in my mind?


I’m stressed. I’m sick. I’m feeling physical pain in my body. How can Reiki and Energy Healing lessen the suffering I feel in my physical body?


I am feeling disconnected to myself. I know and feel there is something else greater within and around me but how can I connect to something I cannot see or understand?

Together, we will work to IDENTIFY, CLARIFY, CONNECT TO, UNDERSTAND, and CLEAR AWAY the source of energetic blockages that are keeping you from living the LIFE YOU DESERVE.


Client Journey

Renee is amazing! The minute I stepped into her office, I felt very comfortable. She’s so personable, warm, open and doesn’t judge which helps you open up and receive everything she has to offer. She helped me release a great deal of heaviness off my shoulders - things I didn’t even realize I was carrying. The clarity this session brought me, and continue to brings me, is something that is invaluable. Even though I was very emotional, her humor sprinkled throughout, during appropriate moments, which helped bring me on to a more stable ground. I can’t wait to see her again

- Lisa, New Jersey

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient method of enlightenment as well as a natural system of healing and stress release.


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Create wellness through clarity and connection

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